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Salamin at Maskara Community Theater: A Red AVP Project

Salamin at Maskara are two community-based theater groups established in 2009 under the The Red AVP project that aims to address domestic violence and trafficking in the cities of Angeles and Olongapo particularly in the areas surrounding the former US military bases. While studies show that children and youth who grew up near the bases suffer from post-traumatic disorder, what we saw is not just post-trauma but an ongoing trauma of a whole generation. The Red AVP project and its theater component is implemented by WeDpro, Inc., in collaboration with WeDpro’s community-based partners BUKLOD and NAGKA, the local governments of Angeles and Olongapo and with support from the European Union.

We use arts as a social forum to balm and empower our communities towards social change. The community theater group is an entry point for the community theater scholars to achieve their life goals and improve their economic situation.

These will continue to conduct of trainings on advanced acting, conduct of a youth camp, and broadening of the partnership to a comprehensive youth empowerment program.

Since their establishment in 2009, the theater groups have proved to be dynamic. They are expanding from the forty-two original recruits, and many members experiencing changed life situations and opportunities as well as taking the initiative to organize youths in their communities.

RED AVP: Salamin at Maskara Community Theater

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