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Community Organizer

Alma hails from Northern Samar, and is the president of the 24-year old women’s group BUKLOD Center, Inc. based in Olongapo City. She had survived sexual exploitation and since then has devoted her life to assisting women and youth mired in sexually exploitative situations and violence. She is one of the most prominent national leaders in this area of advocacy, and was given a special award by Soroptimist International as “Unsung Women Heroes Award.” Alma has attended numerous national and international conferences where her conviction as a voice of the marginalized and discriminated women rings far and loud. In 2004, she ran for an electoral position as city councilor, but lost in the wild jungle of politics. This ironically propelled her to the center stage of advocacy in the City of Olongapo and elsewhere. Hundreds of women come to her and Buklod for assistance and support. Alma has raised her children alone and has adopted many more from the streets and bars of Olongapo City. Alma served as the Field Coordinator in The Red AVP for 18 months, leading Buklod as WeDpro’s implementing partner in the EU-supported project on violence against women and trafficking. She is currently the Coordinator of the Steering Committee of the NAGKA-BUKLOD Partnership, a network supported by WeDpro.