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Alexandrina Marcelo

is a co-founder of WeDpro, a mother, a grandmother, a feminist, a firm believer of authentic empowerment and a pranic healer. She has worked in the field of reproductive health, gender and development for more than 30 years as evaluator, researcher, trainer, and program manager. She took up Mass Communication at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, She has worked with the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines, the Population Center Foundation, and the Institute for Social Studies and Action (ISSA). She helped organize various women’s networks such as WomanHealth-Phils, Alliance for Women’s Health, WeDpro, Kalakasan, Marching for Life, INSIGHT and the Reproductive Rights Resource Group (3RG)-Phils/DEW, Inc. and eventually joined ACHIEVE. In 1999 she helped organize Coop INSIGHT and the Reproductive Rights Resource Group (3RG)-Phils/DEW, Inc. and joined ACHIEVE. Reena is the current Chairperson of 3RG and the president of DEW, Inc. She had a stint with the International Planned Parenthood Federation-ESEAOR (IPPF-ESEAOR) in Malaysia as its Women and Youth Development Officer and with the Ford Foundation in New York City, as a Program Officer of its Human Development and Reproductive Health Unit. She continues her staunch advocacy for sexual and reproductive health and rights for women, men, and young people. Her work, both here and abroad, involves various sectors, ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities; and facilitates the identification of common interests, goals, complementing differences and synergies to form empowering networks and alliances that span regions and countries.