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Elimination of all forms of violence against women and their children everywhere.

To eliminate all forms of violence against women and their children through research, advocacy, capacity building, mobilization, and the use of social media and information communication technologies.

A comprehensive, participatory, responsive and relevant support and development programs for victims and survivors of violence against women and their children.


  1. To engage in research, studies, training and education to defend and protect women and their children from all forms of violence, and to celebrate their victories.
  2. To publish and disseminate the results and findings of such research, studies, training, and education using traditional and modern forms of media and technology.
  3. To sponsor, fund, conduct workshops, seminars, sessions and conferences for the education, development, productivity, and empowerment of women and their children;
  4. To organize and serve women through programs in education, leadership training, organizational training, skills development, and mutual support systems.