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You can apply to volunteer for or intern at WeDpro in three easy steps. 

Volunteering and interning/OJT’ing: What’s the difference?

Unlike non-student volunteers, student interns/OJTs typically need to  fulfill requirements that are set by their school. (For instance, they need to fulfill a minimum number of hours in a month, or need to work in a particular area of activity or research, or require their host organization to give them a grade.) Student intern and OJT applicants should  making sure that they complete the extra form indicated in step 3. 

Step 1: Pick a volunteer stream

There are currently five volunteer streams at WeDpro:

  • Fundraising: Running a non-profit ain’t easy, and it ain’t cheap either! Help keep the organization in the black!
  • Developing the volunteer program: Ever heard of the term “bootstrapping”? This is what this is all about! Help us make our volunteer program more sustainable, creative, and enjoyable!
  • Organizing and sharing WeDpro’s publications: Over the years, WeDpro has published many important reports, studies, and books, but many of them are trapped on our bookshelves. Hoarding knowledge is so passe. Help us share our publications with the world.
  • Increasing WeDpro’s value to the online public. Help WeDpro find the best content on the Web and give back to the citizens of the Net!
  • (Re)designing our look and feel: The look and feel of  print and digital material communicates a lot about the spirit of the organization. Help us convey the right message to our audience!

Pick one which you’d like to be part of. You can use the list of activity ideas to help you with your decision, but if you have an idea for an activity that’s not on the table, tell us about it when you get in touch with us. Also, it would help if you had skills in any of the knowledge areas that are associated with the volunteer stream.

Volunteer Streams Activity Ideas Knowledge areas
  • Finding additional sources of project funding for projects planned in the future
  • Creating a crowdsource campaign (e.g., Indiegogo, Kickstarter) for specific projects or for the organization as a whole
Innovation, social entrepreneurship, social innovation, marketing, advertising, public relations, donor relations
Developing the volunteer and internship program
  • Developing strategies for how to make the volunteer and internship management be largely volunteer-driven itself
  • Developing manageable volunteer management and monitoring tools
  • Developing and managing volunteer recruitment strategies
  • Developing innovative incentive and volunteer recognition ideas, such as shares in a for-profit company of WeDpro, out of the ordinary gifts, learning opportunities, and other cool ideas.
Organizational development, volunteer management, business management
Organizing and sharing our publications
  • Digitizing and archiving publications
  • Developing taxonomies and categories for our publications
  • Making WeDpro’s publications searchable on scholarly search engines by using digital repositories and journal hosting services such as Eprints,DigitalCommons, DSpace, Atyphon, Highwire Press, or MetaPress
  • Creating a front-facing end for WeDpro’s publication repository
  • Reviewing WeDpro’s website information architecture and reorganizing it as necessary
  • Providing online support for staff on information technology use, such as cloud-based document sharing
  • Developing a volunteer database and volunteer files
  • Making sure that WeDpro is findable and searchable. For instance, a Google search of “Philippine nonprofits” does not yield WeDpro, even though one of the first three hits is HumanTrafficking.org, a website that should include WeDpro as one of the NGOs working in the area of human trafficking!
Information science, library science, information development, database development, web programming, web development, content management systems development, search engine optimization (SEO)
Increasing WeDpro’s value to the online public
  • Finding interesting news items locally and internationally about issues related to WeDpro’s causes, posting them on WeDpro’s FB page, and then sharing it within their networks. These news items could be slightly outside the scope of WeDpro’s stated mandate (e.g., women in sciences, great women in history, interesting articles about race and culture, interesting photos involving women and children, interesting scientific findings) but of noticeably public appeal. Tasks could include subscribing to interesting news feeds, blogs, etc.
  • Create a Wikipedia page for WeDpro
A love of all things cool on the Internet is the most important thing here!But knowledge and interest in the following areas wouldn’t hurt, either: Women’s studies, gender studies, development studies, social work; social science, psychology, anthropology, sociology; pure sciences, applied science, history and philosophy of science, literature, humanities, philosophy; social media, journalism, mass communication, communication management; social innovation, communication strategy
(Re)designing our look and feel
  • Creating a brand guide and style guide for the organization
  • Assessing and if needed redesigning the organization’s collaterals (brochure, business cards)
  • Redesigning the organization’s logo
Designers of all stripes are welcome, and we’re looking for graphic designers, communication designers, and web designers in particular

Step 2: Prepare a CV

So that we can place you better in the organization, please have a curriculum vitae (resume) ready when you contact us. A good place to keep an online version of your resume is LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile is a very useful thing to have. Or you can use a file sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox to store your CV. References would be great, of course!

Step 3: Apply!

Fill in the volunteer application form form to send your application.

For student intern and OJT applicants, fill in this form as well.

And that’s it! As soon as we receive your application, we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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