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Rhanchel Orlando (RED) Macalalad Jr.

is passionate about two things: Communications and Youth Development. He has been working with NGOs and foreign-assisted projects for more than 15 years in different capacities. As Multi-Media Communications Specialist, he has worked with projects funded by AusAID, USAID and Worldbank. Wearing this hat he has led the development of websites, organized major conferences & events, developed publications & marketing materials, created plugs for Studio 23 and other videos, provided technical support to a radio program, etc. He is highly involved in managing social network campaigns and other wed-based organizations. As Youth Development Specialist, he started out designing and providing Youth Leadership training for student council officers of public high schools. Since then he has been involved in designing and implementing programs on Child Rights, Child Participation and Adolescent Sexuality and Reproductive Health. Red has supervised national youth programs and teen centers in the past decade. He has served as lead author & researcher of the publication “A Guidebook on Spaces for Children’s Participation in ASEAN” published by Forum-Asia and distributed in ASEAN countries. He is a skilled facilitator for workshops and other ‘group think’ activities as well as a trainer of aspiring facilitators. Merging two of his passions he has successfully co-managed a youth media training program where teens from impoverished communities in the Visayas region were taught how to share their stories through 10-minute video documentaries, 30-second radio and 60-second TV plugs.