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Purificacion (PURING) Gilbore

has been a volunteer for WeDpro since 1993. She is one of the original founders of the Nagkakaisang Kababaihan ng Angeles City (NAGKA).  She was the past president of NAGKA, and currently serves as its treasurer.  A survivor of sexual exploitation at the height of the presence of the US military bases Puring has an intimate knowledge of the landscape of the “entertainment” industry.  She had been involved with many WeDpro projects and activities since 1993, and her most recent involvement was with The Red  AVP.  Puring who hails from Asturias, Cebu and went to Cebu City of Commerce which unfortunately was cut short because of her need to find employment; she had been widowed for many years and had to raise her three biological children as a single mother.  Apart from raising her biological children, Puring continues to help Amerasian children by adopting them despite her economic hardships.  Puring is the admin assistant for WeDpro’s Angeles City office.