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WeDpro is a registered non-profit under the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission. As a collective, we are composed of individuals who are:

  • Catalysts for gender-responsive, rights-based change;
  • Capable implementers of projects and activities in the areas of Research and Media, Education & Training, Policy Advocacy and Partnership Building;
  • Empowered individuals in a collective formation whose skills, knowledge and resources ensure that human rights with a particular emphasis on women’s human rights are addressed in all its activities;
  • Individuals who believe that transparency and accountability are fundamentals in a feminist dialectics of the personal is political;
  • Committed not only to change society but change themselves in a continuing search for knowledge, honing their skills because they believe that education and empowerment are continuing processes in nurturing our organizational and personal lives.

Our goal is to see a society where organizations like ours is unnecessary. Until this becomes our reality, WeDpro will continue to influence development that is gender-responsive and rights-based.