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WeDpro, Inc. has always championed child rights and youth empowerment. In the past two decades, it has successfully launched activities that benefit the children of the women it serves. Recently, these were formalized as a distinct program: the Youth Empowerment Program (YEP).

YEP aims to:

  • Support the organizational development of the United Philippine Amerasians (UPA) and the empowerment of Filipino Amerasian community. UPA is a network of formal and informal groups and communities of Filipino Amerasians in the Philippines. It recognizes the various Fil-Amerasian groups with diverse origins and purpose. WeDpro has been at the forefront in fighting for Fil-Amerasian rights in the Philippines since the ‘90s. In 2011, with the help of Bayanihan Worldwide Foundation, WeDpro facilitated the organizing of UPA to be the voice of the Fil-Amerasians at the national level to lobby for policies and educate the public about them. WeDpro serves as the technical and financial adviser for UPA.


  • Develop a new breed of Filipino women leaders. As a feminist organization, WeDpro strives to continuously develop new women leaders who will influence communities and institutions. Through partnership in capacity-building and resource-generation, WeDpro intends to implement a leadership training program under YEP.


  • Educate and organize community-based lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth leaders. WeDpro was a pioneer in the LGBT movement and organized the First Lesbian Conference in the Philippines during the ‘90s. Today, it continues to support the fight for recognition and intends to contribute to this cause by reaching out to LGBT youth neglected by other institutions. It hopes to provide gender and sexuality education, human rights workshops, and technical support for the development of community based organizations.


WeDpro is open to partnerships and volunteers who are willing to support the Youth Empowerment Program.